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Can I install Graphic Tracer on more than computer?
Yes, you can install the software on more than one machine, but you are only allowed to use it on one compuer. If you want to start using it on another machine, you need to transfer the license. See the question below...

Can I move my program to another computer?
Yes, you may transfer the license to another machine, but you are only allowed to use the program on one computer at the time. Login to your account and click the "Transfer License" button. You can now install or run the program on another machine and start using it. Your Graphic Tracer-licens then becomes locked to the new computer until you press the "Transfer licence" again.

I get the message "Could not load the installed fonts database." What should I do?
This can happen if the database file has become corrupted. Restart the program with the Control key pressed until the first dialog box appears. The program will now re-generate the database file.

The program crashes during startup. What should I do?
This can happen if the program is building the font database and you have a corrupted font file in your system. Read more here about how you can solve the problem.

Why is my credit card is not accepted?
We are using Stripe as our Payment provider. This means that you will be able to pay with MasterCard, Visa and American Express for the monthly and yearly subscirptions. The Lifetime subscription payment is handled by PayPal, which means that Discovery cards also are accepted. There can also be other reasons for declines. Read about credit card declines.
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