You can probably search for fonts in your sleep...

..but with Typefazer you won't have to!

Typefazer can ID fonts
in almost any text

Quickly identify the typeface used in almost any text. Texts in logos, scripts, curved, compressed, stretched and totally distorted fonts can all be quickly identifed. No other font identifier can do this!

This font manager knows:

- All of your fonts
- 100 000+ fonts you don't own
- 20 000+ fonts you can download for free
- The aliases for lookalike fonts

And if you don't own a font, Typefazer can tell you how to adjust one that you own to make it look the same.

Typefazer – Your new font companion
Get a preview of the program in booth #857, at the ISA Sign Expo at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, on 24-26 of April 2019.

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