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Graphic Tracer lets you quickly and easily trace and restore ugly, jagged and pixelated graphics into beautiful, scaleable high-quality vector graphics that are ready to use.

It’s easy!

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Program is available in English, German, Spanish and Swedish

Shortcut to Production Ready Graphics

When you get bad graphics - you need power tools to fix it!

Get Production Ready Graphics in a Few Simple Steps

1. Open image
Image showing a bad image of a logotype

You can open images in all of the common bitmap file formats from your drive, camera or cell phone. You can also scan images or simply copy and paste.

2. Convert to Vector Graphics
Image showing a image converted to vector graphics

Using the latest Sensedge tracing technology Graphic Tracer provides you with the best possible vector graphics depending on the quality of the image.

3. Identify Fonts and Replace Texts
Image showing font identification procedure

Graphic Tracer can identify more than 100 000 fonts even if the text has been tweaked or distorted. Often you can replace and get perfect texts with a click.

4. Restore Special Effects
Image showing cleaning up of fonts

Now that the texts are perfect Graphic Tracer can re-calculate the sorrounding contour effect and replace them automatically.

5. Fix Shapes
Image showing fixing of shapes

Symmetrical, common and repeated shapes can be recreated with a few clicks, making the final details in the graphics good looking.

6. Production Ready for Any Use
Image showing the cleaned up logotype printed on a cap

Graphic Tracer provides you with good looking vector originals for every purpose. Printing, cutting, engraving, embroidery, transfer, screen printing, web video etc.

Smart Tools for Fixing Bad Graphics

— Customer gave you low-quality art or graphics?

Stop wasting time cleaning up bad customer art and graphics.
Graphic Tracer has powerful tools that allow you to quickly and easily fix logos and graphics with just a few clicks.

It's the ONLY software of its kind!
You'll be amazed at the speed and ease you can take ugly "hopeless" graphics and convert them into crisp, clean and beautiful high-quality vector files for making logos, signs, banners and more!

It's easy!

Image showing the Wildcats logotype

Get Perfect Texts with the Actual Font

Image showing cleaning up of fonts

Website pixelated graphics

Image showing cleaning up of fonts

Text converted to vectors

Image showing cleaning up of fonts

Replaced with identified font

— There is no substitute for the real thing!

Turning jagged and pixelated texts into the correct font will without any doubt give you the best possible vector graphics for text. That's why Graphic Tracer quickly can identify the font used in almost any text.

It does not matter if the text is curved, script, compressed, stretched or totally distorted.
In seconds the program can identify the font and replace the text to restore the text exactly as it once was created.

Get Professional Graphics with Tools that Restore Graphics

Image showing the Wildcats logotype Image showing the Wildcats logotype

— Recalculate shapes and effects to get the right look!

Graphic Tracer can automatically recalculate and replace common and symmetrical shapes as well as contour effects.

Just accept the settings of the calculated preview to replace objects with perfect graphics.

Good looking scalable vector graphics can then be exported in a format that can be used with any other graphics software.

Great looking results in just minutes!

10-Day Free Trial!

Try Graphic Tracer for Free. Discover why Graphic Tracer outperforms all other solutions in preparing graphics for production.

Groundbreaking Autotracing Technology

Image showing the Wildcats logotype

Graphic Tracer uses a unique technology called Sensedge™.
Trace your pixel images into excellent looking, easy-to-edit vector graphics.

Using sub-pixel accuracy and edge to edge registration between bordering colors, you can rest assured that you will get clean looking vector graphics with the best possible placement of corners, lines and curves.

Automatically trace low resolution, poor quality images and web graphics with ease. Even logos taken from cell phone photos and scanned business cards will work

It's amazing!

Image showing the Wildcats logotype

Identify Typefaces with FontEye™

Image showing the Wildcats logotype

Don't know the font?

Graphic Tracer's FontEye™ technology let's you quickly identify the exact font used in almost any text.

Texts that are pixelated, jagged, tilted, curved, stretched, compressed and distorted in other ways as well as script fonts can all be identified and replaced with crisp clean letters.

The identified font is projected on top of your traced image so that you easily can verify that it is a perfect match.

Graphic Tracer can identify more than 100 000 fonts from different collections and over 20 000 of these fonts are available on sites for free download.

Now, you can identify the font in seconds!

The FontEye technology will identify the font in almost any text.

One Click Export to Your Current Graphics Software

When your original is ready, ClikLink™ is a feature that will export your graphics directly to the program window of another graphics software with one click. ClikLink™ in Graphic Tracer currently works with Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and SignCut Draw.

It's easy!

What Our Users Say About Graphic Tracer

Karen Smith, Jack Rabbit Sign Shop, Raleigh, NC

"saved our shop an insane amount of time"

An absolutely amazing product that saved our shop an insane amount of time in just the first week of use! Having been in the biz for over 25 years, it is refreshing to see a time saving, user friendly product like this!

DJ Anderson, Bulldog Embroidery, Maryville, TN

I just wanted to write you and let you know how impressed I am with your software program. Not only is it a great idea for a vector program, but it is also very well planned and executed. You really took difficult and time consuming issues and tasks for designers and made them really easy. Great Job!

Patrick Musser, 2 a T Screen Printing

I want you to know that I really love this software. It totally blow me away at the time I have saved using your software. What would have taken me two or three, or even more hours, is literally down in less than a minute or two. TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Thank You so very much.

Sandra Parker, Tampa, Fl

There simply isn't anything like this in Corel or Photoshop. I can never get them to look right with those programs. Not so with Graphic Tracer. Nearly Perfect every time.

John "Tramp" Warner, Ontario, Canada

This programme has made my life easier and I don't worry about how do I bill all the extra hours of art time. By far the best programme to come along... I use it, I enjoy the time it saves me and like I say 'Time is Money'.

Tim Huddleston, Glover Design LLC

Your Graphic Tracer software is awesome!

Jacy Jamez, Fast Decals, Lenexa, KS

I was weary about adding another program to my list of software subscriptions but have been using this for the last 9 months and love it! I may only use it a few times a week/month but the times I do it pays for itself in the time it saves.

Doris Simmons, Repurposed Stone, Monroe, WA

"Has cut my design time by 75%."

I love this program. I make portraits, custom designs on granite. I can scan pictures directly into Graphic Tracer, convert the design to a vector file very fast & efficient. Has cut my design time by 75%.

Kjell Frykberg, BKF Reklam, Sweden

Very good program. Has saved me a lot of time.

Kelli Kohn, Stahls' Transfer Express, Mentor, OH

If a sample is poor and we don't get a good trace, Graphic Tracer's FontEye tool is very useful in searching our library of fonts to find & replace with good, clean text—right in the file. It doesn't matter whether the characters are welded together as a script, on a circular arc, or straight. You can't do this with free online font finders. While Corel Draw and Illustrator offer tracing functions of their own, the best traces of text come from Graphic Tracer.

Mark Vincent, MKV Graphic Design, Feeding Hills, AL

Thank you, love your program.

Sabrina Lassonde, Graphic Marketing Solutions

I have saved so much time and am able to focus on other things. My customers and my staff would like to thank you for the introduction to this program.

Vinh Huynh, Portland, OR

"Jobs that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes!"

This software has made our shop more productive. Jobs that used to take hours have been reduced to minutes!

Jim Oney, Midwest Signs & Graphics, Port Bryon, IL

This program has saved me so much time and money, and has reduced the amount of time I used to spend retracing logos, business cards, etc. My only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner.

Jimmy Goines, Jimmy Goines signs, GA

Excellent tracing software and very excellent for finding, identifying fonts. New features are added often with a broad variety of vector correction tools. I highly recommend...!

Jim Fulcher, WA

"Now I accept more jobs because Graphic Tracer saves me time and money"

This program has saved me hours of identifying fonts my customers have in their image but don't know what they are. Also, it amazes me the low res images customers want to be blown up into a big sign. Before I had Graphic Tracer I would turn away business because I didn't want to spend the time rebuilding a logo. Now I accept more jobs because Graphic Tracer saves me time and money rebuilding logos. Recently I had a Tattoo business ask me how I could turn around a jpeg of a logo concept to a vector file in less than 10 minutes. THANK YOU Graphic Tracer

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