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Purchase and license

Can I get a demo or a trial?

When you create an account you are automatically eligible for a 10 day Free trial license. You don't have to sign up for a subscription or enter any credit card information. Follow the instructions on your dashboard to activate and download your Free fully functional program.
Another option is to watch a free demonstration of Graphic Tracer on one of our live webinars. You will get the chance to see the program in action and discover how it can solve many of the common problems when preparing graphics for production. You also have the chance to chat with the presenter and he can answer any questions you might have.

What are the purchasing options?

Please visit our Pricing page to read about the different purchasing options.

I don't want to subscribe, can I purchase the software?

The one time purchase option is called lifetime license. This is a time limited offer that we have to raise funds for our program development. The lifetime license costs $595 and includes all future upgrades of Graphic Tracer. So it's truly a one time purchase.

How do I reset my password?

On the Login page of you can click a link saying "Forgot your password?". Read more here

Why is my credit card is not accepted?

We are using Stripe as our Payment provider. This means that you will be able to pay with MasterCard, Visa and American Express. There can also be other reasons for declines.

If your credit card isn't accepted, It might be that it is blocked for international payments or Internet payments. In these cases you need to contact your credit card issuer in order to un-block international/Internet payments.

If the above solution doesn't work, make sure that you are not over your limit or have unsufficient funds on your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can terminate your license at any time, just log in to your account at and click "Manage licenses" in the menu. Then click Manage for your subscription and click the Cancel button. This will immediately stop any future charges. Trial licenses are terminated at the end of the trial period. No cancellation is nessecary. When a license is canceled, the program will stop working at the end of the current billing period. No refunds are made because of cancellation.

How do I change my payment plan?

Login to your account and click "Manage licenses", and then click "Manage". Select the subscription option you want. Read more here

How do I claim a license I have acquired?

You need to claim the purchased license before you can start using the program. To do this, login to your account and click the Activate a License number button. Enter your acquired License number. Read more here

What credit cards do you accept?

MasterCard, Visa and American Express (Discovery cards may be used for lifetime subscriptions). Read more here

I have a new credit card. How do I update the payment information?

To update your credit card information, login to your account at and click "Manage licenses". To the right you will find a button for "Manage Card Details". You should now be able to enter new credit card information to your account.

What are the terms of purchase?

Please visit our Purchasing Terms page to read about them.

My license has run out, can I renew it?

You have to login to your account and start a new subscription. You will get a new license number for Graphic Tracer.

Do you have an education discount?

If you can provide us with some proof that your institution is a school or other educational facility we will be happy to send you a discount code for educational institutions (50% discount).

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How do I install Graphic Tracer?

Login to your account at and click "Download software" in the menu to the left. Then click "Select version to download" and pick your language.
Watch this video to see how to install your software.

What are the hardware requirements?

The latest release of Graphic Tracer runs under Windows (ver. Vista-11) (Mac version is under development).
Graphic Tracer 11 can run on Windows XP. Read more here
Approx. 10 Gb of free hard disk space needed.

Can I install Graphic Tracer on more than one computer?

Yes, you can install the software on more than one machine, but you are only allowed to use it on one computer.
If you want to start using it on another machine, you need to transfer the license. See the question below.

Can I move my program to another computer?

Yes, you may transfer the license to another machine, but you are only allowed to use the program on one computer at the time. Login to your account and click the "Move to another computer" button.
You can now install or run the program on another machine and start using it. Your Graphic Tracer-license then becomes locked to the new computer until you press the Move button again. Read more here

How do I uninstall Graphic Tracer

You can uninstall from Graphic Tracer by opening the Tools, and then selecting Uninstall->Remove Graphic Tracer from this computer. Or by locating the program folder and deleting it. Read more here

How do I upgrade past Graphic Tracer 10?

Here are instructions to upgrade to Graphic Tracer 11.

Why is the SignCut bundled version different?

The version of Graphic Tracer that comes bundled with SignCut is different, and as such may differ from the latest official Graphic Tracer release. It will be updated to match the latest release in time.

Using Graphic Tracer

How do I identify fonts?

Here is a short video explaining how to identify fonts in Graphic Tracer.
If that video did not solve your problem, you might want to check out these videos - explaining some more difficult typeface recognition problems.
Fixing texts that aren't straight.
Fixing more text.

The program says "The Characters have not been connected to the graphics objects." - what's wrong?

Click Next and make sure that the characters are correct in the boxes beneath every letter. Then you can search by clicking Next or Last search for the previous results or you can select a font list if you know where to find the font immediately. Here is a video explaining font identification in Graphic Tracer.

How can I improve vectorization when using small bitmaps?

Under Separate colors is the option Increase resolution, which may aid in vectorizing images that are small. Read more here

How to do centerline tracing?

Centerline tracing is currently only possible on black & white or other two color images.Read more here

Is the vectorized text editable in third-party software?

Sorry, the image is exported as vectors only without text information. Read more here

How do I Export graphics for Vinyl Master?

To export graphics for Vinyl Master do the following steps.
1. When you are in Save mode, select Export to save in the EPS/AI/SVG Formats.
2. Select EPS format, enter a file name and click Save.
3. When the next dialog appears uncheck the "For Corel" option and click Export.
4. In Vinyl Master select Import from the File menu. Select EPS format and locate the file you exported from Graphic Tracer. Select it and click Open. Vinyl Master displays a preview, click Accept and then place it on your work surface.

Do you have a Mac OS X version?

We are currently developing a Mac version but no release date has been set yet. If you create an account at we will notify you when a Mac version is ready. We currently have several users running the Windows version of Graphic Tracer on Mac using Parallels. If you want to get started right away, this could be an option.

How do I transfer to SignCut?

Currently you need to have SignCut DRAW from the SignCut suite installed to transfer to that program and then you can transfer to SignCut from SignCut DRAW.
We are working on a solution to transfer directly to SignCut in future versions.

Is the vectorized text editable in third-party software?

Sorry, the image is exported as vectors only without text information.

What does the result from the FontEye search mean?

The list is sorted by FontEye's approximation of how similar the fonts are to the selection. If the first few doesn't match, use Try stretching and try again. Read more here

What formats can Graphic Tracer export to?

Graphic Tracer can export the vector graphics in the following formats:
AI (Adobe Illustrator format)
EPS (Encapsulated Postscript format)
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics format)
DXF (Drawing Exchange Format)
PLT (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language, HPGL format)
PDF(Portable Document Format)

You can also save the image as a high quality bitmap image in any size the PNG, JPEG, GIF & BMP formats.
If you are working with Illustrator, Corel Draw, SignCut Draw, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Flexi, SignLab, RDWorks or Photoshop you can transfer the graphics with one click to your open document with the ClikLink function in Graphic Tracer.

What formats can Graphic Tracer read?

Graphic Tracer can read the following pixel based formats for vectorization:
BMP (Windows Bitmap format)
GIF (GIF bitmap)
JPG (JPEG bitmap)
PBM (Portable Bitmap)
PCD (Kodak Photo CD)
PCX (Paintbrush)
PGM (Portable Graymap)
PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
PPM (Portable Pixmap)
PSD (Adobe Photoshop)
TGA (Targa Bitmap)
TIF (TIFF Bitmap)

You can also import files that have been vectorized in other software for clean-up. These vector file formats can be imported:
AI (Adobe Illustrator format)
EPS (Encapsulated Postscript)
DXF (AutoCad)
GT(Graphic Tracer)
PLT (HPGL format)

Error messages

The program crashes during startup. What should I do?

This can happen if the program is building the font database and you have a corrupted font file in your system. Read more here about how you can solve the problem.

I get the message "Could not load the installed fonts database." What should I do?

This can happen if the database file has become corrupted. Restart the program with the Control key pressed until the first dialog box appears. The program will now re-generate the database file.

Server not responding

If you get this error, you need to upgrade to the latest version. Upgrade instructions can be found here.

"Unable to connect to the internet "

This message usually means that you have a firewall or antivirus software that is preventing Graphic Tracer to connect to its server. Please make exceptions to allow Graphic Tracer to connect to the internet. Read more here

Message: License has expired. Code -4

If you get this error, you need to upgrade to the latest version. Upgrade instructions can be found here.

License is installed on another computer

The Graphic Tracer license is locked to another computer. You need to move the license to a new computer. Read more here


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