Subscription Terms

FREE 30 Day Trial Period (Not for Lifetime Licenses)

  • All first time, subscriptions come with an initial 30 day free trial period.
  • When you start subscribing, you will receive a notice that your subscription will end in 30 days. This indicates the end of your free trial.
  • If you wish to continue your subscription, you do not need to take any action, your credit card will automatically be charged at the end of the trial period and your Subscription plan will begin.
  • You may cancel your subscription at any time during the Free trial period by accessing your account at and clicking the "cancel subscription" button. By doing this, your credit card will not be charged.
  • Once your credit card has been charged and your subscription has started, you will be obligated to fulfill the plan you have selected. Please make certain that you selected the plan that you want, as NO REFUNDS are made.

Monthly Subscription Plan

  • With a Monthly Subscription plan your credit card will automatically be charged on a monthly basis. Your license will extended for one month after each successful payment.
  • When payment has been processed, you will get access to download your software. Click the version you wish to download and follow instructions to install it.
  • A monthly subscription can be canceled at any time. Please note that there will be NO REFUNDS. Your software will continue to work for the remainder of the month. Once you cancel, your credit card will no longer be charged.

You can restart a canceled subscription at any time by logging into your account, selecting a plan and begin your subscription.

Annual Subscription Plan

  • When you sign up for an Annual Subscription, your credit card will be charged in advance on a yearly basis.
  • If you want to extend your subscription for another year when your year is abut to expire, you do not need to take any action. Without cancellation of the autorenewal, your subscription will automatically be extended for another 1 year term at the stated price.
  • You can switch off Autorenewal at any time by logging into your account and cancel the subscription. Your subscription will then end at the end of your annual subscription period.
  • Annual Subscriptions are for a 12 month commitment.

Lifetime Plan

  • When you sign up for a Lifetime License, your credit card will be charged the full ammount before your license becomes valid. It can take up to 24 hours before the serial number appears on your account page since these licenses are set up manually.
  • All future upgrades of the software are included in the Lifetime License at no extra cost.
  • Once the lifetime program is installed and registered no refunds will be made.


Graphic Powers AB reserves the right to change prices. You will be notified of any price changes before the next billing cycle, giving you the opportunity to cancel should you so desire.