Graphic Tracer For Windows

Graphic Tracer For Windows

Shortcut to Production Ready Graphics - Future upgrades Included

Smart Tools for Fixing Bad Graphics

Stop wasting time cleaning up bad customer art and graphics.

Graphic Tracer has powerful tools that allow you to quickly and easily fix logos and graphics with just a few clicks.

You'll be amazed at the speed and ease you can take ugly "hopeless" graphics and convert them into crisp, clean and beautiful high-quality vector files for making logos, signs, banners and more!

Get Perfect Texts with the Actual Font

There is no substitute for the real thing!

Turning jagged and pixelated texts into the correct font will without any doubt give you the best possible vector graphics for text. That's why Graphic Tracer quickly can identify the font used in almost any text.

It does not matter if the text is curved, script, compressed, stretched or totally distorted. In seconds the program can identify the font and replace the text to restore the text exactly as it once was created.

Get Professional Graphics with Tools that Restore Graphics

Graphic Tracer can automatically recalculate and replace common and symmetrical shapes as well as contour effects.

Just accept the settings of the calculated preview to replace objects with perfect graphics.

Good looking scalable vector graphics can then be exported in a format that can be used with any other graphics software.

Groundbreaking Autotracing Technology

Graphic Tracer uses a unique technology called Sensedge™.

Trace your pixel images into excellent looking, easy-to-edit vector graphics. Using sub-pixel accuracy and edge to edge registration between bordering colors, you can rest assured that you will get clean looking vector graphics with the best possible placement of corners, lines and curves.

Automatically trace low resolution, poor quality images and web graphics with ease. Even logos taken from cell phone photos and scanned business cards will work.

One Click Export to Your Current Graphics Software

When your original is ready, ClikLink™ is a feature that will export your graphics directly to the program window of another graphics software with one click. ClikLink™ in Graphic Tracer currently works with Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and SignCut Draw, Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Flexi, SignLab, RDWorks and Adobe Photoshop.