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Latest Release
Graphic Tracer, Release 10:4 is available for download
10 July 2020
Release 10:4 introduces a new system for connecting other software to Graphic Tracer. Programmers of other graphics software can now create one click exports to transfer bitmap images for tracing in the new version of Graphic Tracer. First out is Whisqu Graphics by implementing a one click feature to export Graphics from their SignCut DRAW software. In Graphic Tracer you will also find a one click eport of the traced result to SignCut DRAW in the ClikLink tool. Many other graphics software manufacturers have expressed their interest in connecting their software to Graphic Tracer and we hope to have more software partners joining soon.

Another feature that several users have been asking for is to vectorize complex black and white images. Graphic Tracer has increased this abillity significantly in the new version.

December 2020 Graphic Powers is Celebrating 5 Years
Five Years of Success
1 December 2020
Graphic Powers was founded in December 2015 with the aim to develop graphics software that would enable graphic professionals to do their work faster, easier and in new unique ways. In short, giving them new graphic powers. Within a year the first software product was launched. Graphic Tracer is developed to provide the graphic industry with the best imaginable tool for logo reproduction. Getting good looking vector graphics from poor looking bitmap images has never been easy, until now. Thousands of users have now learned that Graphic Tracer is the shortcut to production ready graphics.
Hundreds of visitors at the Graphic Tracer booth at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas
Graphic Tracer is the fastest way to production ready graphics.
20 Januray 2020
– Our live demonstrations of how Graphic Tracer can turn low-res and poor quality bitmap images into pefect vectorgraphics faster and better than other solutions has made our booths really popular att every show where we exhibit, says Steve Boek, Marketing manager at Graphic Powers. More and more people discover the benefits of having Graphic Tracer as their vector graphics conversion tool.
Huge interest for Graphic Tracer at Printing United
Graphic Tracer is becoming a popular tool for the graphic industry.
30 October 2019
—Graphic Tracer has in a really short time become a standard tool for many graphic professionals and many of the show visitors had already been planning to visit our booth prior to comming to the exhibition, says Steve Boek, Marketing manager at Graphic Powers. The interest for Graphic Tracer at the show was great. Sometimes the whole aisle was blocked by curious spectators.
Graphic Tracer demonstrated at ISA Sign Expo, Las Vegas
Crowds at our booth at Mandalay Bay Convention Center
24-26 april 2019
The Graphic Powers booth drew large audiences when Graphic Tracer was demonstrated at this years ISA Sign Expo in Las Vegas. "A lot of graphic professionals see our software as a positive surprise at the show. Finally there is a solution for a problem that many here are experiencing.", says Mats Löfberg, CEO at Graphic Powers.
Graphic Powers previewed new technology on stage at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.
Mats Löfberg, CEO at Graphic Powers was invited as a guest speaker at this years ISA Show
25 April 2019
On this years big event for signs and large format printing, ISA Sign Expo (International Sign Association) in Las Vegas, Mats Löfberg, CEO at Graphic Powers talked about the new groundbreaking technologies that the company has developed in recent years regarding typeface identification and management. The presentation took place on the 25 of april on the show stage.
Great impact for Graphic Tracer at Stockholm show
More than 200 visitors watched Graphic Tracer demonstrations.
5-7 February 2019
Almost 10% of the visitors at the Sign & Print Scandinavia trade show watched Graphic Tracer demonstrations at our booth. The number of users from Sweden as well as other Nordic countries got a real boost as many of the visitors decided to take advantage of the show special.
Graphic Tracer at display at PPAI Expo in Las Vegas
Many visitors in our booth at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas.
13-17 January 2019
Many of the attendees came to see the demonstrations of the award winning software - Graphic Tracer, to see how they could boost their productivity by taking advantage of our show special.
Graphic Tracer at display at USSC Foundations - The Sign Exchange in Atlantic City
Graphic Tracer demonstrated in Tyrell Tech:s booth at Harrah’s Resort and Casino in Atlantic City
29-30 Nov 2018
In cooperation with the Graphic Tracer reseller Tyrell Tech, Graphic Powers demonstrated its award winning software in the Tyrell Tech´s booth in Atlantic City at the Sign Exchange show.
Graphic Tracer at SGIA Product of the year Awards
The Graphic Tracer team at SGIA receives the Product of the year jewel.
17 Oct 2018
At a pre-show event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Graphic Powers received its SGIA "Product of the year" jewel. Both CEO Mats Löfberg and Marketing manager Steve Boek were present together with the Graphic Tracer team for the SGIA Expo.
Successful show in Las Vegas
Demonstrations non stop at the Graphic Powers booth.
18-20 Oct 2018
The latest Graphic Tracer version that won the SGIA "Product of the year" award in the software category were on display in the Graphic Powers booth in Las Vegas. Audiences gathered to get a glimpse of the features in this unique software, and many of the visitors took the opportunity to purchase a Graphic Tracer license directly in our booth.
Graphic Tracer awarded as SGIA Product of the year
Winners displayed at the SGIA Show in Las Vegas
30 August 2018
SGIA (Specialty Graphic Imaging Association), awards Graphic Tracer professional with the "Product of the Year 2018" award in the graphics software category. After evaluating 255 different contributions the jury has chosen the winners in the different categories. In addition to the honor of being one of the winners, Graphic Tracer will be on display at the "Product of the Year Gallery" in hall C2 during the SGIA Expoo 2018. The winners will receive their "Product of the Year"-jewels at a special presentation the night before the show opens. You can also watch Graphic Tracer demonstrations in our booth #3337 18-20 October in the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Lifetime licenses
Pay once, use it forever
4 April 2018
To accellerate the development of Graphic Tracer we are offering customers the opportunity to make a small investment in our company. In return you will become a V.I.P. user and receive a Graphic Tracer Lifetime license. All V.I.P. users will be issued a non-expiring license to use Graphic Tracer and that will include all future upgrades at no additional cost.
This is a time limited offer! Order your lifetime license now to become a V.I.P. user with a non expiring Graphic Tracer license.
Graphic Tracer in Orlando
Graphic Tracer in its own booth at ISA 2018
29 March 2018
For the first time Graphic Tracer was displayed in its own booth at the ISA show. Hundreds of people came to see Graphic Tracer at the ISA show in Orlando, Florida 22-24 March 2018 where Graphic Powers showed its software. "People get really impressed with our software and usually order it right in our booth. This has been one of our best shows so far.", says Steve Boek, Marketing Manager at Graphic Powers. One of the new features that drew a lot of attention was the ability to identify the font even when the text is distorted.
Ground breaking technology gets funding
Vinnova grants funds
3 March 2018
To accelerate the development of the Graphic Tracer technologies, the Graphic Powers company applied to a competition for venture capital arranged by Vinnova, a startup funding foundation. Graphic Powers was considered one of the better applicants and was rewarded $ 35 000 for software development.
Graphic Tracer in Long Beach

At the ISS show with McLogan
24 January 2018
Crowds of people where gathering arond Mc Logans booth as Graphic Powers were demonstrating Graphic Tracer 19-21 January, 2018 in Long Beach, CA. Getting new partners to show Graphic Tracer has become big part of the Graphic Tracer success.
Business of the week
Rewarded as "Business of the week"
30 November 2017
Graphic Powers was nominated as one of three startup companies to the weekly competition "Business of the week" by the Business podcast where three business ideas compete for the prize. The winner was Graphic Powers with 67% of the votes and the company will collect a prize check for $1200.
Graphic Tracer on Display in New Orleans

Live Demonstrations in US Cutters booth
14 October 2017
Once again Graphic Tracer is on display in US Cutters booth at SGIA. The cooperation between the two companies are continuing at the SGIA shows and this time the new version of Graphic Tracer was continuously demonstrated all three days in New Orleans, October 10-12, 2017.
Graphic Tracer wins Venture Cup Prize!

Graphic Powers wins $ 6000 in Top Tech category
19 May 2017
When the regional finals took place in Gothenburg on May 18, Graphic Powers was one of the four companies that won $ 6 000 and is ready for the national finals later this fall. "It is great to know that so many other people believe in our product and business idea" says Mats Löfberg, CEO at Graphic Powers.
Graphic Tracer BETA Launched at SGIA

Teaming up with US Cutter at SGIA 2016
28 Sept 2016
Graphic Powers was invited to display Graphic Tracer at the US Cutter booth SGIA on September 14-16 in Las Vegas. The interest in Graphic Tracer was great and there was a crowd surrounding the software demonstrations almost the whole time. Karl Bowman, CEO and President of US Cutter was pleased with the crowds Graphic Tracer drew to their booth. "Graphics Tracer is the perfect answer to a long-term problem signmakers and custom shirt makers have had with customer supplied graphics. Getting this product into the marketplace will save these small businesses hours of time every week and make their jobs easier and, ulitmately, more productive and profitable." says John Williams, marketing manager at US Cutter.

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