Training videos

Watch our training videos and learn how to set up and use Graphic Tracer. We are continuously adding new videos, so please check back to get more tips and tricks on how to use Graphic Tracer.

How to install Graphic Tracer

Get started with your new program. Learn how to install and set up Graphic Tracer plus how you can scan all of your fonts into the font identification databases.
Make perfect vector graphics in minutes

See how Graphic Tracer can turn this low res image into perfect vector graphics in a few minutes. You can open the same image in the Samples folder of Graphic Tracer and try it yourself.
Program overview and how to load images into Graphic Tracer

A short presentation of the different parts of Graphic Tracer and instructions on how to get graphics into the program for restoration.
How to separate colors

How to make Graphic Tracer pick the true solid colors for each area of the graphics.
Create vector graphics

How to create vector graphics from bitmap images in Graphic Tracer.
Identify the font and make the text perfect

Make every text perfect in your logos by identifying the font and then replace the vectorized text with the actual typeface. Even script texts and stretched/compressed texts can be fixed.
Fix texts that aren't straight

How to make texts perfect that are tilted, vertical, has no baseline or where the characters are individually rotated.
Special cases when fixing texts

Tips and tricks on how to fix some special cases as different size letters, long texts, letters that are divided and how to find the font on the web.

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